We at Van Dongen's offer a variety of services, from loading assistance for client pick ups to full planting services. We delivery routinely to the GTA and surrounding areas.

There are three main criteria when quoting our services:

1. What are the sizes and quantity of products?
The answer to this determines if delivery can be a one person job in a van versus a crew in a truck.

2. Are we providing a shipping service only or will there be work/labour one site?
The labour can vary from simply taking trees to a hole or backyard to a full on landscape project with planting, mulching, etc.

3. Do the Clients want the products ASAP and where are the products going?
This determines if a direct ship is needed to the Client or if the delivery can be shared with other Clients in the area.

We have general planting guidelines that assume no surprises for our crews or clients on installation day and our staff is trained to uncover any issues involving access, stumps, hills, steps and underground utilities.

For more information, please send us an email or call 905-878-1105.