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About Us

Van Dongen's is very proud of the SELECTION we are able to provide, and we are even more proud of the QUALITY and VALUE we can offer to you, the consumer, as a grower of many of our own products. The amount and quality of service we offer we are able to deliver is unparalleled! We are committed to providing our clients with a tremendous variety of trees and evergreens including a wealth of options and information regarding sizing to suit your needs.

Our philosophy is simple, we do whatever it takes to ensure your experience is educational, meaningful, and above all else, enjoyable!

Featured Products

  1. Forever Pink Hydrangea
    Forever Pink Hydrangea
    From $29.98
  2. Dawyck Purple Beech
    Dawyck Purple Beech
    From $212.50
  3. Green Mountain Boxwood
    Green Mountain Boxwood
    From $32.98
  4. Bloodgood Japanese Maple
    Bloodgood Japanese Maple
    From $115.98
  5. Emerald Cedar (BC)
    Emerald Cedar (BC)
    From $69.98

Compare before you buy; Visit our online catalogue to see the great prices we have in-store for you.
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