Magic Carpet 25kg 25-5-10 1%FE

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  • Spring Fertilizer
    Magic Carpet 25-5-10 1% Iron is a strong slow-release grass fertilizer. The strong commercial grade wax coating (CRN= 65%) on the granules allows it to break down slowly over time, preventing the fertilizer from burning your lawn. Its slow-release nature takes aproximately 6-8 weeks to completely dissolve. This means that you can overseed simultaneously without fear of burning!

    If your soil is 7.5 ph or higher, very compact, or has high levels of phosphorus then your grass will have a reduced uptake of Iron. No amount of fertilizer will make it greener, but by adding Iron it works together with the Nitrogen resulting in a darker, greener grass.

    Best for early spring fertilizing
    Apply 4lbs./ 1000 sq. ft
    55lb bag covers approx. 13,800 Square Feet
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